Noise Reduction

Only I have the key, and only I get to decide what’s allowed inside.

Cheri Baker, My New Internet Habits

Cheri has found the exact kind of mental discipline I had spoken about at the end of last year.

My goals, similar to her own with regard to time spent online are nowhere near closer than when I first set them out on this blog. It should be no surprised to me, then that the first two months of this year have been marked by a general downturn in my mood, my overall health really.

This stops now.

Not only have I already deactivated my personal social media accounts barring, I have reset my RSS feeds and am in the midst of taking a knife to the throat of any excess with regard to email, task managers (read: Gabriel Santiago’s take on Jillianne Hamilton’s Can a Productivity Nerd Live Without a To-Do List?), and so on.

I am stripping away the noise, making firm decisions about my work set-up (minimised to better focus on the most immediate tasks), and filtering the crap away to stop it from getting into my mind.

Soon I hope to also report that I am reading more books, reading higher quality news, increasing my exercise, and getting much more writing done.

Simon Woods @simonwoods


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