Microsoft should stop trying to make apps

A question I have has been previously asked by somebody else on the Microsoft support forum thing, specifically: how can I create calendars using the Windows Calendar app.

From a “Microsoft Agent | Moderator”:

As of the moment, we’ll have to wait until there is an option for adding a new, personalized calendar to the Calendar app. This will be a great addition to the Calendar app, so we encourage you to submit your idea using the Feedback Hub app so that our developers can see it and consider adding this feature in future updates.

… in August, 2017.

I… this is seriously from the company once broken up because of its monopoly in computers.

It is breathtakingly stupid to see the fucking Calendar app not have a create calendar feature. I spend plenty of time with my iPad or Pixel and don’t have even one tenth the level of stress-induced headaches as I do with Microsoft’s software.

Now on my to-do list:

  1. Move relevant tech back to Google stuff; I have a fucking Pixel so why I am bothering with other big vendors is now beyond me.
  2. Get Dropbox set up again; they and Backblaze are the only palatable major third-party developers with whom I have been satisfied with regard to these large file-based tasks.
  3. Rip every single Microsoft thing I can from my digital life and continue to barely tolerate their shitty operating system, for now.
Simon Woods @simonwoods


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