The Gutenberg Promise

As I test Gutenberg, I keep coming back to one question: is it good for blogging?

Manton Reece asks a question with which the people at Automattic may not be overly concerned

I can only imagine the modern backlash against the social media giants have fuelled this kind of development, especially with the recent news regarding Facebook’s deception with their promises about video. Modern blogging and CMS services do so much of the work for you whilst you are able to maintain varying degrees of ownership and control as compared to the silos.

As such the decision to opt for such services is a no-brainer for anybody attempting to make money from publishing in any significant way.

Meanwhile, those of us who aren’t looking to maintain particularly complex websites but prefer to focus on writing have plenty of choices of our own, not least of all Manton’s own

Simon Woods @simonwoods


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