iPhone XShallow

I haven’t read the reviews or much of anything about the iPhone, only listened to a few podcast episodes about it but even then there hasn’t been any great depth with regard to the bigger picture; this makes sense since the XS line has literally just been released.

Before I dive into the variety of voices who are more likely to at least touch on the big picture issues, I have been thinking about it a little. This is odd since I don’t have one and won’t have the opportunity for at least another 12 months but hey, I’m odd like that.

It’s inevitable that the yearly upgrade loses value, at least from an upfront and obvious perspective. Even a three-year cycle now feels like the best thing to suggest to most people; I mean, are any of the X series that much better than the 7?

Obviously there is something of a culture around the yearly upgrade cycle – as well as billions of dollars therein – and it has been interesting to see a number of people clashing with the changing reality of these devices but the fact remains; most people don’t need a pro computer, and as the smallest computers capable of a variety of tasks become more powerful they inevitably become pro. At some point the calls for Apple to use the ‘Pro’ moniker become justified, in fact they might have missed an opportunity with this generation, and that comes along with something even the most resistant pundit will have to admit:

The brand new iPhone is in fact not for most people.

Simon Woods @simonwoods


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