In reply to: Why I hate Advertisements by @vishae

Here’s a thing I think is important; now we can actually ask these questions. Back in the day before the web and ideas centred around mainstream social networks, what did you have? Vote with your money? Well that excluded a hell of a lot of people. Now people can voice opposition and it can actually be heard.

For all of the bad of modern advertising, there is also good advertising out there and the bad stuff can now be voted against in ways that are much more inclusive; for example, boycotting a social media site’s most valuable accounts, just to pick an example out of the air.

We need to be realistic about a lot of the noise being made regarding advertising, privacy, social media and so on; much of it comes from people who previously were unaware of such issues, and in past generations many people lived in ignorant bliss. Again, I am thankful this has changed, it is great to see people asking questions and being heard and actually taking part in such important discussions.

Things are bad, sure. But they used to be so much worse.

Simon Woods @simonwoods


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