Summer Update

I’m back!… ish.

About a month ago I moved my main site to a WordPress Hosted site and cancelled my plans. Basically: life away from the keyboard demands every penny that can be spared and ultimately that will make my full and proper return to blogging a lot easier. Other subscriptions were cancelled but that’s a story for another time. For now, here’s what is happening:

  • Mumblings is now a WordPress Hosted site, with its feed plugged into my account.
  • Considered Haste remains as an archive.
  • Updates will now be posted on here, rather than as edits to the most recent post on Considered Haste.
  • This site will stay in its current condition.
    • WordPress Hosted is inferior in a number of ways to a (paid) Hosted site, specifically in the areas of customisation. As such there's no point trying to recreate the proper version of Mumblings.
  • I've dropped Twitter entirely. My recent posts on the matter continue to reflect my position, although I have come to the conclusion it is not a thing I want in my personal life at all.
    • Good luck to those who continue to make the choice to include it, though I would also suggest you at least take a look at and/or my current set-up as an alternative: free WordPress + free
      • RSS is awesome! Emails, newsletters, and Slack can also help switch out the cesspool for, you know, your health.
  • Other than VSCO and Vimeo, I am generally done with non-self hosted platforms. And I prefer both of those for their specialist use anyway, something more akin to enthusiast use as compared to my personal use of
  • Recent real life events have thoroughly kicked my arse when it comes to progress on my projects. However, things are working out well and so I will soon have actual news and actual activity from more than one project.
  • For personal stuff, well, my current faves are: a new powered wheelchair for Claire (yay freedom!) and an addition to our back door in the form of a kitty door; that's right, cat flap installed!
    • Other things happened, some of which I'll probably soon detail on here.

So yeah, lots of things happening and the thing I am most happy with is the return to blogging. I’ll see you around

Hello again. ✌️

Simon Woods @simonwoods


Don't forget to love each other. ❤