Temporary Archive

SUPER MEGA FINAL EDIT: This post was used during a transitional phase of my site, when I didn’t have my domain.

EDIT: I have resumed regular blogging here: simonsmumblings.wordpress.com

This site will be inactive.

Considered Haste is usually set to simonwoods.net but due to unforseen circumstances I cannot maintain it at that URL for the foreseeable future. As such it will stay here, without any posts.

This is also true for my personal blog, Mumblings.

Until this situation can be resolved I will remain active on my social feeds and I am hoping to continue pushing activity to my projects; I’ll post about any such activity on Twitter.



UPDATE (26th July 2018): I am no longer using Twitter or Medium. This post is now my temporary station (via edits) for updates to projects. I look forward to returning to posting on Micro.blog as my only online social network and my personal blog; in the meantime I check it daily and make replies every now and then.



Simon Woods @simonwoods


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