Minor Impressions

Over the past month I’ve learned yet another lesson in just how fragile momentum can be, especially when it is put under the strain of anxiety and the often chaotic nature of people in groups. Basically: fuck guns, fuck immoral politicians and their supporters, and fuck this shitty heatwave.

With that out of the way, my recent mental foray into the social web was followed by three weeks of decision making I am finally comfortable enough to consider stable… well, about as stable as you can get when it comes to the world of the web. With that in mind I have a few new profiles up and running:

  • On VSCO;
    • a gallery for my general photography experiments.
  • On Vimeo;
    • a record of my video photography experiments + host for embeds.
  • On Instagram;
    • a gallery for limited posting of photos + network of photographers and non-enthusiast friends and family.

I’ve been reconsidering Instagram and Facebook, specifically wihin the context of a simple realisation: protesting the world by leaving it is not necessarily the most effective strategy to take.

Yes, I know for plenty of people you are not “leaving the world” or any such thing if you do not happen to use popular web platforms. But it is, in some part, true for me. Even if, in the future, I reduce my usage to basic status updates and linking only to that which I post elsewhere.

Consider this: not everybody lives the life you live, neither do you live theirs, and that is perfectly OK.

Anyway I have not returned to Facebook. Given the chance I will not be doing so, though I am far less willing to fight against that if it turns out I would be more effective at reaching my goals by returning to that place.

In the meantime, I have also applied a few updates to my two blog-based sites (this site and Mumblings):

  • About page has been given minor tweaks, including slight design changes and updates to make it more useful and relevant.
  • Now page has been edited into Markdown, making it even easier for me to update. Also updated to bring it up-to-date.
  • Navigation updated with a 'social' menu, at the top of the site.

(Info about Mumblings can be found over there.)

That’s all for now. See you soon. :)

Simon Woods @simonwoods


Don't forget to love each other. ❤