Where People Are

Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. YouTube.

There are times in the day when I simply think "Why the am I even bothering to think about these things? Life is full of important things for fuck's sake."

Then there are times when I cannot ignore another thought: "What's the point in doing anything if you're not trying to show it to as many people as possible?"

Then I can never forget this: "These people are only on these platforms and not using them only serves to remove them from my life, which is bad."

I have no idea which way to go when it comes to using the different platforms, despite having strong feelings that better designed and curated alternatives are important. For example: Micro.blog

A mix of all of it is probably the best route, in the end, and life is too damned short to cut off your nose all because of hostile feelings towards your face.

Simon Woods @simonwoods


Don't forget to love each other. ❤