Jack's Clusterfuck Sandwich

If my preferred Twitter client on Android (Flamingo) is made worse by the continued work of Jack and co. then I’ll be left hoping for, ironically, my RSS reader (Readably) to carry the activity of people who I like and only use Twitter for microblogging.

And that’s only thanks to Feedbin whose work with Twitter integration has rightfully been praised.

Swimming in the waters of Micro.blog have spoiled me; not only does the work of Manton and co. integrate well with the open web (one of their stated goals) but they are not philisophically opposed to high standards in a desparate rush to clone Facebook of all fucking things.

It’s time for me to take the hint and wind down my Twitter use to the point of nil, instead spending this type of energy on both reading the open web and fine-tuning my experience therein.

Congratulations Jack, Jack’s co-workers, and the Twitter users comfortable with eating shit; your contributions to the mediocrity that defines so much of this world are only increasing over time. 👍

Simon Woods @simonwoods


Don't forget to love each other. ❤